offers full support for 90% of the gadgets out there, including iPhones, iPods, Laptops, Consoles and much more. We have over 7 years of experience with electronics our team is dedicated 100% to make sure that all repairs are carried out to a very high standard to ensure a happy customer. We know the importance of gadgets these days and we also know how tough it is to be left without your phone for "10 Working Days’’. In most cases we aim to fix your device within 1 hour or at most a day, excepting when we need to order specialized or rare parts. We do all our repairs in-house, and we never outsource anything; this means that we will always know the status of your repair when you call.

We started this company as we got fed up going to repair shops and having our devices returned either faulty or not fixed properly. The ignorance we got treated with when pointing the problems out forced us to open this company and offering a high standard service.

We started off by doing just screens on phones and tablets, and quickly moved on to repairing laptops and doing microsoldering.

In 2016 the market took a turn for ‘’Replica Screens’’ especially for iPhones. Not wanting to accept that - not to mention the poor quality of these screens - we then purchased a state of the art refurbishing machine. Now we can offer our customers 2 options. Replacement Screen or Genuine Refurbished Screens done in house (Replacement Screen offer only being available for iPhone series 5 and 7).

Having fallen in love with the job and not just doing it as a necessity or just as a source of income we then started purchasing equipment to suit the repairs that came through the door on a daily basis. We started with a proper ultrasound cleaning machine for liquid damaged devices, and we ended up with two high powered microscopes and world class microsoldering equipment.

In mid 2017, we started a YouTube channel aimed at showing people the complexity of the repairs that we do here. We never claim a repair is more complex - or easier - than it is, but it’s almost never “just the...” anything, and we invite you to see for yourself.

Regardless of the parts used for the repair of your device, our aim is to offer hassle-free after-service support. We keep track of all our customers and repairs. Also, once you’re registered in our system, you don’t need your invoice like with the big retailers.

Our aim is quality and reliability. If that’s what you’re looking for, get in touch. Regardless of where you decide to get your devices fixed, always remember that “you get what you pay for”. Always.