Dear customers

We wish to firstly apologize for any current customers who are waiting for repairs to be completed as a result of parts being ordered and awaiting delivery.
We are in a situation now where due to Brexit a lot of our packages are being queued in customs. Our local suppliers are also facing this issue which makes certain parts hard to get due to increase in shipment control as there are new measures in place for shipping across from the UK (as reported by a number of delivery companies).
There have been numerous delays in shipments as well over the Christmas and New Year's period and with the addition of COVID-19 making deliveries even more essential than ever we also sympathise with the couriers and delivery staff across the range of companies which provide this service.
We hope that with time the backlogs of deliveries will be eventually cleared and that eventually service turnaround times can return back to the shortest time possible.
Currently, any current and future customer that will be required to have parts delivered from abroad should expect a timeframe of at least 3 weeks. If you are an existing customer, you will have already been notified about these delays over a phone call or in person.
Furthermore, for the period of this delivery delay the prices of some of our "staple" repairs will vary in price as we will be looking for more local alternatives in order to be able to repair your devices as quickly as we can. This means that in certain cases the prices may be a bit higher than usual for typical repairs, until we can resume regular trading with our established and trusted suppliers again without suffering large delays in shipments.
We hope you can understand our situation as well as the situation of the delivery services in these unprecedented times.
Thank you for your continuous support and hopefully these import issues will be dealt with in the coming weeks.