If you are quite new to PC gaming / building and are in need of guidance regards the parts you should buy, there are numerous sources for parts lists and compatibility available on the internet.
If you wish to have a parts list picked by us, we do charge a fee of €15 for this service and we do our best to find the best parts available within the budget specified by you. We browse a variety of websites to fit all the parts within the budget, therefore prices may change with time and they may need to be adjusted or the budget increased.
Ideally, a custom-built PC can be built over the course of a few months as parts tend to go on different sales at different times.
This ensures that you get the most bang for your buck. However, we understand that may not always be an option.
Please see our PC building services below.

PC Building (parts provided by customer)

This service applies to customers who supply their own parts for building their PC.
The service is inclusive of cable management (where applicable) and thermal paste application (Arctic MX-4). It is inclusive of all small parts the customer provides such as optical drives, Wi-Fi cards, fans and RGB lighting (where applicable). Please ensure all parts are provided as any additional parts after completion of build, will be charged extra.
Please note that this service does not include installation of Windows or drivers. These will come at an extra cost should the customer require it.
To ensure that you're not charged for a service you're not receiving, all parts provided will be tested on our test bench to ensure everything works correctly.
If any discrepancies arise, the customer will be notified straight away to replace the part(s) that are not working. Should any parts be incompatible, we will also inform you of that.

This service does not provide any warranty should the computer stop working / start having issues in the future. If you are a returning customer, we will have reduced rates for disassembly for returning of parts for warranty and you will avail of free re-assembly for CPU and small parts should you need any assistance.

Hassle-free PC Building

This is the simplest option you can avail of if you're not very knowledgeable of building computers or acquiring parts for such. 
You provide us with a budget and we will source the parts and build the computer for you. We will work our labour and sourcing fee into your budget as well to make sure that we get the best bang for your buck.
Although we try our best to reduce our turnaround time for this service, it is impossible to estimate due to ever-changing conditions due to demand and availability of computer parts.
This service is inclusive of windows installation, as well as drivers updates and performance optimisation (where applicable).
All the parts will be tested to ensure that your computer is fully working and ready to go upon collection.

Please note that unlike our first option, this service does provide you with 90 days warranty for software troubleshooting and returns. If you avail of this service, you will not be subject to any fees for RMA parts and we will deal with all the hassle on your behalf. Please note that all warranty for parts is with the manufacturer! Our warranty for this service is simply extended towards software troubleshooting and parts replacements only . The manufacturer has all rights to refuse warranty replacements if any stock settings have been altered with in any shape or form (i.e. overclocking). The manufacturer has means to verify all this information to ensure no stock options have been altered. To ensure your warranty is valid, please do not overclock any parts as you will ultimately be put in a position where you will need to purchase new components. 

CPU & Small Parts Installation

This service is for customers who already have a gaming PC, but want to upgrade some of the components present to get more out of their gaming rig. 
Please note that this service is aimed at CPU and small parts only
Motherboard replacements will be treated as a full pc building service, where cable management and thermal paste application will be included in the service.
For full breakdown of our services and prices please contact us!