Terms and conditions

iTechRepairs.ie will not commence work on a device until contact has been made with the customer and an agreement has been reached regarding fees and services that need to be carried out. All agreed fees are to be paid for on collection, excepting the Diagnostic Fees, which are to be paid upfront when the device is checked in, which are €20 for DOA (Dead on Arrival) devices and €45 for liquid damaged devices. These upfront fees will be absorbed in the final cost of the repair if the device is fixable and the customer decides to have it fixed by us.

iTechRepairs.ie will make all reasonable efforts to repair the device, subject to the availability of any parts required and the terms of any relevant guarantee or warranty. As part of our €45 Diagnostic Fee for Liquid Damaged devices, iTechRepairs.ie will attempt to fix the board only, for data recovery purposes, where applicable. No refunds will be issued for Liquid Damaged devices under any circumstances, as no warranty is provided for such devices, even if the device is released to the customer in fully working condition. All reasonable efforts will be made to resolve additional faults or issues at the discretion of iTechRepairs.ie.

Any quotes given over the phone or email are subject to price change due to part availability and pricing, as well as difference in pricing between various dates and suppliers. iTechRepairs.ie will always inform the customer when any such price changes occur.

iTechRepairs reserves the right to change any pricing after in-depth diagnosis of a device is carried if the issue/issues observed differ from those stated by the customer at booking, or those stated by the technician after a cursory inspection. If such a situation occurs, the customer will be informed and allowed to make a decision as to whether to commence the repair or not.

The device will not be returned to the customer until all fees, which were agreed upon have been paid for in full. iTechRepairs.ie will endeavour to complete the agreed work within the time frame given to the customer upon booking the device. This does not constitute a guarantee where additional faults are found or unforeseen shipping delays occur.

The repair work carried out on the primary fault is guaranteed for 90 days from the date that the device is collected, excepting liquid damaged devices. However this guarantee is voided if any software or firmware updates are applied to the device thereafter.

iTechRepairs will ONLY FIX the primary fault as stated by the customer and/or diagnosed by the technician. iTechRepairs will not be responsible for any secondary issues that the customer fails to report when leaving the device to be repaired, In some rare cases, if, upon commencing or completing the repair, the device is rendered inoperative as a result of faults not stated by the customer or hidden faults not detected by the technician, iTechRepairs is not liable.

iTechRepairs.ie does not and cannot offer any warranty for repairs carried out on items that were subject to liquid damage unless stated in the job docket. iTechRepairs.ie is committed to preserving all possible data from our customers' devices. However, in the case of severe virus infection or hard drive failure, some data may be impossible to recover.

Warranty for all hardware supplied by iTechRepairs.ie is covered by the terms and conditions of suppliers, which vary depending on the supplier, and is valid from the day the customer is notified of repair completion. Any hardware related issues of provided hardware are subject to manufacturer warranty policies.

iTechRepairs.ie cannot be held responsible for loss, alteration or corruption of any data, software, information and/or files from the customer's computer, phone, or any other storage device or media, as some media might have hidden faults that are not immediately detectable either to the customer or the technician, including but not limited to bad sectors, corrupted registries, failing NAND cells, failing mechanical reading arm.

Under the Data Protection Act, iTechRepairs.ie will not store any customer personal information such as but not limited to personal photos, personal files, documents, data backups. Excepting data recovery situations, where iTechRepairs.ie will only hold customer data until both parties are satisfied that all the recoverable data is present, or any number of days agreed between parties.

Any device not claimed within 90 days of work completion OR notification that the device cannot be fixed OR decision on the part of the customer that the device should not be fixed will become the property of iTechRepairs.ie